Intro & Tips


Fill in a form on the order page to specify requirements for business stationary, wedding stationary, posters or any other graphic design work you need custom designed.

How to get the best results:  When asking for graphic design work, you’re asking me to design something based on your details you supply and other reference material.  Tips on how to do this the best you can include:

  • Supply clear, high quality photos when sending a jpeg through email or in the upload section.  Posted photos don’t produce good quality when used in design work so this is not really an option unless it is easier for you or if it’s just to be used as a reference.
  • If you are sending photos in the mail as reference material it must be clear and no smaller than 10 x 15 cm
  • Already designed logos to be placed on a product should be a good quality jpeg, tiff or giff file. Pdf files can also be used as long as the logo is big enough.
  • If you require a certain colour, post paint chips that match your colour or for the most accurate result- if you know the colour make up such as RGB or CMYK percentages then please let me know
  • Give clear details of the subject or product to be designed.  I reserve the right to refuse to create any subject or product that I wish not to design.
  • If you would like a design such as a collage poster done by a certain date for a birthday for example then please let me know as soon as possible and allow at least three weeks which includes postal delivery.