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Hello World- this is me, Claire Johnson the sole trader of C.Johnson Art and Design.  I am a 27 year old married women living in a small country town in South Australia called Tantanoola.  I am a house wife, casual administration assistant for an art gallery and then there is me, the artist/ designer.  I do interior decorating, graphic design and painting.  My painting style is mainly traditional and sometimes with a mixture of contemporary art as can be seen in my gallery on this site.  Traditional being a very careful style- I am going to be brave and try my hand at an abstract painting for a South East Art Society exhibition.  The theme is Genesis so I have bought a one metre by one metre canvas (biggest I have ever done) and will loosen up to create a piece which I will call The Big Bang Theory? I will keep you posted on how my totally abstract journey pans out.

FYI- Traditional painting is a realistic, careful style and results in a picture of objects that are very recognisable and life like.  Contemporary or modern is a painting of objects that are recognisable but unrealistic to a degree, such as a multi coloured background with a realistic scene in the foreground.  Therefore, abstract produces barely recognisable or not obvious objects with hardly any carefulness about the painting technique with splashes of colour and other ways of applying paint- totally the opposite to what I am used to doing- I may need a few drinks!

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