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Busy, Busy 0

One month since my last blog and I still don’t really know what to paint for my next exhibition.  I’ve been busy doing every other thing like painting the house and graphic design work for the exhibition- invites, posters, certificates etc.  Meanwhile I have sort of started a painting but it’s just a boring landscape [...]

The Artists’ Curse 0

Tired today- I had the artists’ curse last night lying awake while trying to think of something to paint for the next South East Art Society exhibition.  The only way to sleep on a night like this is to get up and do some drawing of the ideas that keeping popping into your head.  So [...]

New Tile Art 0

After my abstract art experiment, I got this idea in my head suddenly- I think I was in bed at the time but I got a vision of bold coloured tiles arranged in interesting ways that would look good on the wall of boring white bathrooms and other wet areas.  They don’t take very long [...]

Big Bang Theory? 0

Just updating everyone on what happened to my abstract painting ‘Big Bang Theory?  Turns out it did a lot better than I thought it would when I revealed it to the world in the South East Art Society members’ exhibition themed Genesis.  I was just standing there watching everyone go up for their prizes once their [...]

Todays Art Experience 0

Today I started- and almost finished an abstract painting for an exhibition coming up in three weeks and it may need that long to dry as a lot of paint was thrown around. Got pretty messy and I have a new respect for abstract art as it is quite exhausting but fun and interesting to [...]

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Hello World! 0

Hello World- this is me, Claire Johnson the sole trader of C.Johnson Art and Design.  I am a 27 year old married women living in a small country town in South Australia called Tantanoola.  I am a house wife, casual administration assistant for an art gallery and then there is me, the artist/ designer.  I [...]